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Anna Jansson

High excitement and ethical dilemmas


Anna Jansson grew up with storytelling. Everything she writes, criminal novels, children’s books and nonfiction, is pervaded with the intensity typical for fairy tales. Anna Jansson worked as nurse for many years. When she began to write her drive was to tell stories about people she met at the hospital. In a genre full of sudden, wicked death, Anna Jansson also manages to keep a discussion about present ethical problems concerning people’s relation to life and death.


The stories roll back and forth. Anna Jansson is a master of tempo changes, from descriptive where the story needs it, to thrilling action when the investigation escalates or the relations between the characters are intensified.


Anna Jansson finds a unique tone for each character in the book. The main character is Maria Wern, who becomes much more than a police when the reader in book after book is allowed to move deeper and deeper into her private life and feelings.


2005 Anna Jansson’s The Silver Crown (Silverkronan) received an award (Guldpocket) for over 50000 sold copies. Her book Strange Bird (Främmande fågel) was 2006 nominated to Glasnyckeln (The Glass Key), the price for best Scandinavian crime novel.


A series for both television and feature film based on the books is produced by Eyeworks. It has made a success in Sweden, Germany and US, with Eva Röse portraying Maria Wern. The series is aired in 14 countries and in US the reviewers say: "It's lovely, moody, and evocative -- a perfect choice. So, yes, all in all, this series is a winner."/Mysterymaven US.


Besides writing crime novels Anna Jansson holds lectures in ethical issues of medical care and has written a number of books on the topic. She also writes children’s books.


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Reader's comments

"It was like many mysteries in one. When are we reading the next book in the series?" /Teacher who read The Mail Thief out loud in class


"A book you are hooked at from chapter one, written with humor, accuracy and the final is unexpected, a really good book!"


"Dear Mrs. Jansson,

I am writing to you to let you know how much I enjoy every single book written by you that I’ve read. I have always liked this kind of literature, and that is the reason because I bought all the collection written by the great Agatha Cristie (translated into Spanish), and I have to confess that after reading yours, I have enjoyed them as much as the ones by Christie! In some ways they are quite similar! That must be a great honour for you, as it means you have a wonderful talent! Indeed, that’s right!"


"I think the book was good because it was alot of excitement and I could not stop reading." (Emil Wern reader)


Anna Jansson presents the Emil Wern series


Other Works

  • 2007 – Fire, Yours and Mine, A Werewolf, No one to be With, The Hut, Mia –packet 1, Mia – packet 2, Mia Asks for a Date, Brave Mia, Monsters exist (children’s books for Bonnier Läromedel)
  • 2007 – Ethical Dilemmas in Medical Care (co-writer Agneta Blom, Gothia förlag)
  • 2005 – Ethical Dilemmas in Medical Care (co-writer Agneta Blom, Gothia förlag)
  • 2003 – Judged for Murder (Dömd för mord), crime novel


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Marianne Westerlund

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