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Lina Forss

Gripping entertainment with forward drive


Lina Forss writes for both grownups and young adults are there are no limits when she unleashes her creative flow. Lina Forss’ books link serious observations with hilarious stories, adding wonderful descriptions of various situations. No matter where you are in life, you’ll recognize yourself in her depictions of relationships, doubts and anxiety. Lina Forss writes to discover what life is all about. Or, in her own words, “The day I discover the meaning of life is the day everything loses its fascination, and therefore I continue to write.”


Lina Forss’ debute was an autobiographic story filled with the same excitement as her own life. Her straight forward teenage novels have reached a broad audience and when as she’s now moving over to write Swedish original romance, the stories steam of passion, love and jealousy in a colourful mix.




Bibliography, children/youth


Readers' comments

"Thank you for an entertaining read. The mother’s words on her deathbed totally moved me. Romance with a happily ever after feels good.

I’m just reading your book and I’m absolutely hooked. I can see how you’ve applied yourself to the romance genre. You’re language is amazing! It’s certainly an art form in itself to adjust one’s language and writing technique. I really like your story."

"Lina! I read your book on the flight back from Toulouse today; fun, exciting - and sexy! Congratulations to you! (I’ve just placed it on my husband’s bedside table ;) "
/70-year old woman


"Love romance, it’s a must read!"


"I’ve just read your book from beginning to end in one sitting! Soo bloody good!!!! Its really weird how I got involved with your characters, and how I see myself in Sofi and like Peder although he is totally full of himself. But still soooo good looking I just want him!!! I’ve talked to everyone I know about it, they all want to read. You’re amazing!"

"Most talented Lina! What a book you have written! I’ve just finished The Heiress … when is the next one coming out? "

I"'ve just finished The Heiress, couldn't let go. Will summarize it as funny, entertaining and Im definitely looking forward to its sequel. Comparing to the Harlequin pockets my teenage sweetheart lent me on a beach somewhere, Im delighted to note that the language is less timid and plenty more graphic when the going gets hot. Furthermore, The Heiress is a lot more believable and well written."
/50-year old man


"I had so much fun reading your book. The characters were great to get to know and it was interesting to learn about the business. And the sex was advanced! Not usually a huge fan of happy endings just for the sake of it, I completely see how The Heiress deserved one. Thank you. Will the next book be about the same people?"
/Almost 80-year old man


"You can certainly write, the pen running with words while creating short and sharp sentences. Reading turns into a fun journey while you take us through labyrinths, in shrewd Lina Forss-style!"


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Anneli Hildonen

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