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Marianne Cedervall

Drama, warmth and humor make a really good read


Marianne Cedervall has a past as a Swedish and English teacher. Writing has followed her throughout her grownup life, but it wasn’t until 2009 she debuted as a novelist.


Marianne Cedervall treats her readers to a unique and wonderful mix of saga, crime and epic novel. She deals with big topics like love, friendship and revenge, but lets the story take place in the middle of the everyday life in Sweden today. Despite that her heroes do not always follow the frame of the law; they always seem to have moral on their side. It is relieving, exciting and very entertaining. As a reader you are always close to a smile when holding a book by Marianne Cedervall in your hands.


The books are well written and Marianne Cedervall’s craftsmanship holds both good literary style and much care for details and plot. The result – really good page turning reads.


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Readers' comments

"Marianne Cedervall is fantastic. She writes so incredibly good, and I am reading at breakneck speed. Have read all three books, and eagerly await the next. I love Mirjam and Hervor."


"You cannot quit, you stretch read, you do not  want the book to end, I'm just saying, do you want to read something with compassion and voltage read this."


"Fun, exciting, wow - I would like to be there. Continue writing, Marianne!"


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