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Peter Stjernström

Innovative stories for stretch readers


Contemporary. Smart. Sharp. Crisp. Exciting. Entertaining.


These are words that recur in reviews from critics and readers when they describe Peter Stjernström’s authorship.


The stories have a high tempo with focus on elaborate dramaturgy, effective turning points and vibrant characterization. It's intriguing from beginning to end. The protagonists are complex individuals and at any time unexpected perspective shifts may occur. The language is deliberately close to the spoken one and the dialogue is crisp and authentic. These are books for stretch readers who like to be entertained and enriched.


A number of years ago Peter Stjernström gave up a career in the finance industry to explore his own creativity, to work professionally with texts and develop his skills as an entrepreneur. His first novel, Enn Mann, was released in 2003. The novel The Best Book in the World (Världens bästa bok) from 2011 is translated to eight languages and is published for example in the UK.

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Reader's comments

"I love, LOVE, both The Cage Girl and The Butterfly Boy. So extremely well written. These are two of the best books I have read."


"Fantastic. I just love both the book and the audio reader."


"So very good! Interesting about bees and important with the problem the use of pesticides cause. Thank you for this unusual book."


"I’ve read The Butterfly Boy and I’m completely taken. It's been a long time since it was so hard to put down a book."


"A really f***ing good book! Interesting plot, great and exciting protagonists, some thoughts about the society we live in and on top of that very well written. I rarely stretch read a book from cover to cover. "


"Thank you for a wonderful read. It kept me alert in spite of all the late and missed flights across the African continent. You’re simply the best!"


“You have a very special skill; the laughter gets stuck in the throat."


"I finished The Best Book in the World last night at 00:42. It was great! It ended a bit like The Usual Suspects."


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