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Fire - Book Jury Prize 2012

Fire - Great Reader’s Prize 2012

The Circle – Book Bloggers Literary Prize 2011

The Circle – Book Jury Prize 2011

The Circle – Great Reader’s Prize 2011

The Circle - Icelandic Book Sellers Award 2012

Sara Bergmark Elfgren

Unlimited creativity


When Sara B. Elfgren was little she dreamt of being a writer. As a teen she made the decision to commit to the dream. She spent her 20’s studying Film Studies at the Stockholm University, working as a screenwriter and script consultant. At 30 Sara B. Elfgren signed the contract for her debut novel, The Circle, which she co-wrote with Mats Strandberg. The book and its sequels has been translated to 25 languages.


As a writer, Sara B. Elfgren is interested in many genres, but her primary focus is speculative fiction. She is attracted to ”what if”-scenarios where the laws of nature are thrown out of balance, especially when the supernatural clashes with our everyday lives. She likes to work on her own and with other writers as well as illustrators, comic book artists and directors. She enjoys working in different media. Her unlimited creativity is combined with a strong discipline and the iron will of a long distance runner (though she hates running).


When Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg met in 2008, they realised that they shared an interest for supernatural stories about young people. Soon the idea of writing a book together was born. The Circle was published in 2011 in Sweden and in 2015 The Circle opened at the Berlin International Film Festival. Sara B. Elfgren wrote the screenplay together with director Levan Akin.


Sara B. Elfgren has a degree in Film Studies and spent several years working as a script consultant and script editor in the film and TV business.

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World of Engelsfors



  • 2017 – Vei Book 1 ( Vei bok 1), with artist Karl Johnsson, graphic novel
  • 2016 – Let's Play (Nu leker vi), with illustrator Maria Fröhlich, picture book
  • 2016 – Voices of the Dead (De dödas röster), thriller pod
  • 2015 – Time for Each Other (Just nu har vi varandra), with illustrator Maria Fröhlich, picture book
  • 2013 – The Key (Nyckeln) , with Sara B. Elfgren, novel
  • 2013 – Tales From Engelsfors (Berättelser från Engelsfors), with Mats Strandberg and illustrators Kim W. Andersson, Karl Johnsson, Lina Neidestam, graphic novel
  • 2012 – Fire (Eld) , with Mats Strandberg, novel
  • 2011 – The Circle (Cirkeln),with Mats Strandberg novel



  • 2015 – The Circle , feature film, with Levan Akin, (director Levan Akin)
  • 2012 – In the Still of the Night , short film, (director Alexander Rönnberg)
  • 2012 – The Conservatory, short film, (director Lovisa Inserra)


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