Johanna Nilsson has won the Swedish Radio's Short Story Award 2015 for ”84 Kilos of Mercy” (84 kilo nåd). The winner was announced on the Swedish Radio’s stage at the Gothenburg Book Fair on the 26th of September. First a jury picked five of the best short stories among eleven challengers. After that the radio listeners voted and they chose this extraordinary novel where a woman gets a very special Christmas present from her former husband – a gigolo. Congratulations Johanna Nilsson!



Congratulations Emelie Schepp for the deal with Mira/Harper Collins in 14 countries. With the new agreement we just closed Harper Collins acquires World English Rights plus rights for another twelve territories. Emelie started her writing career when she self published her debute novel Marked for Life in the summer of 2013. This brings territories sold for Emelie to 24.


Kathy Sagan, the happy editor at Harper Collins:
— Emelie Schepp brings a freshness and daring to her suspense, with a driving narrative and protagonist whose own dark past is hidden even from herself. Jana Berzelius is a character for the ages!



Siri Pettersen has received the Norwegian Booksellers Association’s children’s and YA literature scholarship.


— Siri Pettersen has proved to be a wonderful storyteller and her books have many readers. We want Siri Pettersen to continue her writing and the Bookseller’s grant is a contribution to encourage that, says Trine Stensen, CEO at Norwegian Booksellers Association.


The quote from the Norwegian children’s and YA literature author association (NBU) reads: "Pettersen has a linguistic assurance that is rarely found in such new authorships. She guides us through the extensive story she has created with precision, empathy and firm artistic power. "


The scholarship is a cooperation between the Norwegian Booksellers Association, an interest organization for all the book sellers in the country, and NBU. The NBU literary advice board decides who will receive the scholarship, and it is financed by The Norwegian Booksellers Association’s members. The scholarship is 40 000 NOK.



Johanna Nilsson’s short story 84 Kilos of Mercy is nominated to Sveriges Radios novellpris 2015 (The Swedish Radio short story award). A jury has nominated five short stories that are written for the Swedish Radio and read to the listeners. Now the listeners wote for their favorite. The winner of the award is announced on the Bookfair in Gothenburg on the 26:th of September.

Vote here.



Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg has on the 9th of July personally received the city or Rome's prize Premio Roma for her book The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules (Kaffe med rån). Martha and the Senior League has made a lasting impression also in Italy.



The Circle movie will entry at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The film, based on the best selling book by Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg and directed by Levan Akin, is part of the strand New Perspectives. June 20 and June 23rd the audience at the festival will have the chance to see the six “chosen ones” when they unite to face down impending darkness.



Today it is official! US Harper Collins buys The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules (Kaffe med rån) by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg. The 26:th country to buy the series. Congratulations to Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg and her Senior League!



Tove Alsterdal has been shortlisted to Glasnyckeln/The Glass Key for her novel LET ME TAKE YOUR HAND. Glasnyckeln, handed out by the Scandinavian Crime Association, is the finest prize a Nordic crime writer can get. The prize ceremony will take place during Bok & Bibliotek in Gothenburg in September. Grand congratulations and fingers crossed for Tove Alsterdal.



Welcome to Grand Agency Siri Pettersen! At Grand we are happy to work with Siri and her fantasy trilogy THE RAVEN RINGS. The first book in the series, ODIN’S CHILD, was published 2013 in Norway and immediately became an awarded bestseller. And the second book, THE ROT, seems to follow the same track. The readers love and embraced the books with passion and just cannot seem to get enough of Hirka’s adventures in Ymslanda and elsewhere. In Sweden ODIN'S CHILD was released earlier this week.



Grand Agency welcomes Frida Skybäck, who writes poignant and compelling romance novels in historic settings. She is currently working on the series with the Stjernfors sisters, whose dramatic life unfolds in an upper class setting during the 19th century. Frida Skybäck stories are as passionate as Jane Austen's, with the ambition to make feelings flow and to bring interesting female characters from the past to life.



World premiere for The Circle in Berlin. The long awaited adaptation to film of The Circle, directed by Levan Akin, has been selected for the Generation section during the Berlin Film Festival. In Sweden, the magic will be set free on February 18, when the film based on Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg's best-selling novel has its premiere.


In the cast we find among others, Josefin Asplund, Helena Engstrom, Miranda Frydman, Irma von Platen, Hanna Asp, Leona Axelsen, Ruth Vega Fernandez and Sverrir Gudnason.



Björn Runge is appointed Professor of Screenwriting at Stockholm University of the Arts. He will thus also be in charge of the university's screenwriting education. He has over the years written and directed for film, theater and television. In 2013 he made his debut as a literary fiction writer with the novel AS SIMPLE AS THAT (Det allra enklaste / Lind & Co).



Among the shortlisted for The Big Audio Book Award 2015 we find Anna Jansson (with two titles), Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg, Tove Alsterdal and Emelie Schepp.


The jury for the Big Audio Award has presented the shortlist for the best audiobooks 2015 and among the shortlisted in the category Novels are Anna Jansson’s ”The Goddess of Fate at Salon d’Amour” (Ödesgudinnan på Salong d’Amour) read by Anne-Li Norberg and Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg’s “The Little Old Lady Who Struck Lucky Again” (Låna är silver, råna är guld) read by Helge Skog. In the Crime category we have Tove Alsterdal’s ”Let Me Take Your hand” (Låt mig ta din hand) read by Angela Kovács, Emelie Schepp’s ”Marked for Life” (Märkta för livet)read by Katarina Ewerlöf and Anna Jansson’s ”Child of the Shadow’s” (Skymningens barfotabarn) read by Marie Richardson.


The Prize is given to the audio book that gives the best audio book experience. The winner in each category will be announced on the first Swedish Audiobook gala performance on the 2nd of March 2015. The prize, besides honor, of 5000 Euro is shared between the author and the reader.



Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg’s The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules hits No1 in UK! Natasha Harding who is the Editor at Pan MacMillan writes:


“I am absolutely thrilled to circulate not one but two mentions of The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules in The Bookseller this week. In the yearly round up, The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules has been listed as the number one Heatseekers debut fiction title of 2014 - hooray!! This is absolutely fantastic news and I am so, so pleased for you Catharina. This is followed up by an article citing you as the 8th bestselling debut author of 2014 in the UK.”



Grand welcome to Lotta Kühlhorn, one of Sweden’s most creative and loved designers. Lotta has made hundreds of book covers, she designs fabric for IKEA, she has her own brand for patterns and last book not least, she writes and designs books. This year she enchants all Christmas lovers with a colorful and inspiring book about her favorite holiday.



Congratulations Tove Alsterdal to The Best Crime Novel of the Year 2014. LET ME TAKE YOUR HAND (Låt mig ta din hand) is rewarded the Swedish Crime Academy's annual prize with the motivation: "An elaborated and linguistically woven story of mystery and contemporary history".



Anna Jansson participates in the reality show Deckarna (The Crime Writers). In this first season of the series Anna Jansson is portrayed, talks about her writing and her life and also solves some murder cases together with five other crime writers. They have recently spent a week at a The White Moose Inn, in the Värmland woods for the filming of the series, which begins in January 2015 on Swedish Television.



Tove Alsterdal’s thriller LET ME TAKE YOUR HAND (Låt mig ta din hand) has been shortlisted to Best Crime Novel of the year by the Swedish Crime Writers Academy. The price ceremony will take place November 23rd.


Tove Alsterdal: “I am proud, honoured and happy that my story about a dark time is recognized and gets the opportunity to reach more readers.”



Jenny Jägerfeld is awarded The Lava Prize in Literature for 2014.

The motivation: "For her ability with humor and seriousness depict human existence mundane drama.”





Anna Jansson - Queen of the Library.


Anna Jansson is the most popular crime writer of all, according to statistics from Swedish libraries presented by The Swedish Authors’ Fund.




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