This is Grand Agency


Grand Agency is a leading independent literature and film agency representing authors from Sweden and the other Scandinavian / Nordic countries. In recent years we have worked with several of the largest international sales successes from this part of the world. Our office is located in Stockholm.


Grand's authors

Our authors write in different genres and are at the absolute top in their fields. Our core business is scripts for books but many of our authors also write for film, television and newspapers. In addition, we represent an exclusive selection of cartoonists / illustrators. Our representation covers all formats and markets. Are you a writer and want to know more? Check out "Advice on choosing agent".


We aim for success. But what does that mean?

We improve every author's position.  What that means varies between the authors and may change over time. We set individual goals and tailor a strategy to achieve it.


Grand Agency’s network and business drive

We have a large international network in the publishing world and other entertainment industries. Many deals are significant and bring success for our authors. The agency also has experience from business in other industries. Thanks to this, we are able to spot trends early.


A team who loves text

It's the texts, the stories, that make us want to go to work and work hard every day. We are highly skilled in text processing, from the large brush strokes to small details. The employees at the agency hold considerable expertise and knowledge in text evaluation, editorial work, writing, dramaturgy and translation. We are also experienced in PR / marketing and building brands. The authors as well as the publishers and producers can gain from all this as the quality of the final manuscript increases and the way to the right audience opens up.



Grand Agency is here for the authors. When they are happy, we are happy. We can develop as individuals and as a company. Therefore, we have built in both energy and curiosity in our culture. We take an active role in the development of the industry, from managing new formats to developing the connection between all the stakeholders who meet the text on its way to the audience. The industry of storytelling is changing, and it’s important for a writer to have a representative who understands and likes this.



Sensibility. Fingertip touch. Passion. Success. Future. In our world, they are all synonyms to Grand. Welcome is another one!